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Thank you for your interest in joining Long Beach Young Democrats. Our club was founded in 1998, during a time when Long Beach was anything but a bastion for progress. Nowadays, Long Beach is seen as a leader in California and across the country because of its progressive leadership on climate change, labor and a plethora of other issues. Our History page highlights some of our founders and past presidents, many of whom have gone on to serve on city council and beyond, and we are excited you are considering following in their footsteps. 

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Use this only if you have not registered with Long Beach Young Dems before. If you have already paid, this still must be completed to complete your registration. Once you register here, you must also pay your dues to complete the process.


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$150 for lifetime. $30 for annual. $15 for student or low-income. $30+ for meritorious. 

This link may also be used to donate whatever amount you wish! We encourage you to consider giving monthly to our organization to better support our work.


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Did you move to? Get a new job? Change your name or email address? Let us know here. 

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