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Thank you for your interest in receiving an endorsement from the Long Beach Young Democrats. Please follow these simple steps to submit a candidate for consideration to the Executive Board.

Step 1:Be a Democrat
Step 2: File to Run for an Elected Office
Step 3: Complete one of the below endorsement questionnaires at least 2 weeks prior to the next General Membership Meeting of LBYD
Step 4: Pay Endorsement Fee (Cost of Membership in LBYD Based on your Age Category)

Once you've completed the endorsement application and paid your dues, then the Executive Board of LBYD will consider when to slate the endorsement action item being requested. The E-Board will reach out within one week of receiving your request. 

*The Endorsement Fee is required if the submitter has not paid for membership since one (1) year prior to the date of voting. If the submitter has paid within one year or has donated to the club in excess of $35, then a fee is not needed. If you have questions about your membership or donor status, please contact our team at

Fee Structure

Candidates 35 years and Younger = $30

Candidates 35 years and Older = $35

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