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Meet The Team

Executive board

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Patrick Swymer


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Patrick is a District 2 resident and Associate at Grassroots Lab, a local Public Affairs Firm.


For the last 8 years, he has been working with advocacy groups on strengthening community jobs programs, preserving undeveloped land on the Sacramento River, nuclear weapons divestment, and working political campaigns at all levels.


A true nerd who spends his free time analyzing election results, Patrick believes all politics are local and that data tells us the stories we hide from ourselves.

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Lukas Walczak
Exec. Vice President

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Lukas is a proud District 2 Long Beach resident and an Associate at Fierce Courage Consulting.


He has years of experience in community organizing and field operations, and a 

background in civil activism.


He oversaw fundraising operations for Amnesty International helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for refugee relief and immigrant's rights, and has worked on many local and statewide campaigns in various capacities. 

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Robert DUarte

VP of Administration and Finance

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Robert is a native Angeleno dedicated to making Southern California a better place for all to thrive. As Chief of Communications and Public Affairs to Los Angeles County Assessor, Jeff Prang, Robert leads an award-winning public affairs team that is responsible for Countywide public education, community outreach programs, and assures that all communications coming from the Office of the Assessor assist residents of Los Angeles County navigate the complex property tax system. 

In helping make Southern California a better place for all, Robert serves as Youth Board Member for HONOR PAC, a non-partisan, mission-driven Political Action Committee dedicated to helping facilitate the dialogue on LGBTQ+ and Latinx issues throughout California and beyond, while advocating for the political empowerment of Latinx LGBTQ+ candidates who in turn support the interests of all LGBTQ+ communities, both locally, and nationally. Robert also serves as a Board Member for Tomorrows Leaders, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-Orange County, a young professionals network to help raise awareness and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. As a Commissioner on the Long Beach Airport Advisory Commission, Robert helps consult with and advise the Long Beach City Council in formulating City policies regarding the development and operation of the Long Beach Municipal Airport.

Robert received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Whittier College, where he serves as Board Member for the Alumni Association Board of Directors and lives in the District 4.

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Dorian Bonner

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vanndearlyn vong

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Chris Chavez

Immediate Past President

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Dorian Bonner is a District 1 resident and Communications Coordinator for the office of Vice Mayor Rex Richardson.

For the last five years, Dorian has focused his efforts on community-oriented initiatives, working to help others in Long Beach thrive. He has been an advocate for human rights, environmental justice, racial equity, and equitable COVID-19 recovery. 

Dorian is also a photographer who enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time with his partner and their two cats.

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Politics is deeply personal for Vanndearlyn, who was born and raised in Long Beach. She is a rising senior President’s Scholar at CSULB majoring in Political Science (Law, Politics, Policy) and minoring in Khmer.

Vanndearlyn sees politics as an opportunity to serve the people. She became a Delegate in the CA Democratic Party after being top vote-getter in the 2019 ADEM. 
Vanndearlyn was also a Bernie Sanders Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.


She enjoys quality time with her partner and cat!

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Since the 2000 Election, Chris Chavez has been passionate about politics and policy. Professionally, Chris advocates for disadvantaged, environmentally burdened communities and electric vehicles at an environmental nonprofit.


In addition to serving as the past LBYD President, Chris is also an alternate to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) Central Committee and a member of Long Beach Democratic Club and the Democratic Women's Study Club of Long Beach.


Previously, Chris was a legislative staffer for former State Senators Fran Pavley and Alex Padilla at the State Capitol and served as the student government president at both Long Beach State University and the entire Cal State system. Chris lives in Long Beach's Wrigley neighborhood and was selected as one of LACDP's 2019 Democrats of the Year.

executive committee officers

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Veronica Aguilar
Community Relations Officer

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Connor Lock


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Chief of Staff, Long Beach Council District 2


Mohammad Raza
Social Media Officer

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Spencer Holland
Political Outreach Officer

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